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  Be Blessed By TWO+ Journals for the Journey!

Here's a preview of the articles below:

  • In need of Restoration?
  • Wanting to Fulfill Purpose?
  • Looking for a Church? Why fellowship?
  • Are you on a spiritual DETOUR?
  • Angels
  • Heart Towards?
  • The Unwrapped Gift
  • Is Marriage for You?
  • Doors of Opportunity
  • Leaders lead God's people in His direction.
  • How do you handle financial stress?
  • Did you know that God has a spending plan for your finances?-

Are you in need of restoration or wanting to fulfil purpose? What is the meaning/purpose of church? Your detour is laced with blessing! Be careful-you could be entertaining angels unaware. Keep your heart towards God! Go ahead unwrap the gift! It is better to marry than to burn. Take advantage of doors of opportunity as you go through your own personal test or temptations, remember that you are empowered by God to handle financial stress and to plain and simple - LEAD! You know that God has chosen YOU!

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