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Prayer Changes...people, situations,

circumstances,...the world!

Leave a prayer request and we will agree with you according to the Word of God.

As we prepare for the New Year- we will be fasting and praying for 21 days (January 1-21) Join us as the Lord manifest His presence through each of us as He...

* continues to add to the church workers for His vineyard!.

Leave your prayer request below:

Sunil Paul said on Oct 1, 2011 1:26 PM

Dear Respected Beloved Servant of Christ, Greetings to you all in the mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord. It is nice to hear about you and your great faithful ministry that I am so blessed by you, your website .Thank you very much for your nice teaching and good faith in Him. I am so appreciate you and well wondered of your blessed family and church. I would like to introduce you about me that my name is Sunil Paul Chapala, Servant of God from India. We are doing the lord’s work and social work sincerely; faithful in our area. We regularly conducting Special Prayer meetings, gospel meetings and sharing Jesus with others who don’t know His Power, love and Teaching Bible classes among poor children’s, and fellow pastors and distrusting gospel tracks by walking among rural areas and full time on going involvement in Christian works and Social work with very hardly in India. Praise God. The main goal is "command" of Jesus was to love each other. This applied; he made it clear, to not only friends but "enemies" as well. I pray that this year will be filled with the Glory of God in your household. May it be a time of love, healing, and giving. We pray that your home will be filled with the love, joy and peace that only come from God In this connection. Please keep our prayer Points in your family, your church, friends and all of your brothers and sisters daily prayers. Prayer Points: We believed that Prayer can change everything what we need. 1) Pray for Gods guidance & Support in our ministry-----2) Pray for our orphan’s and widows, leprosy, 3) Pray for fellow Pastors/ People safe in India ----------4) Pray for our upcoming-Meetings, Outreach Ministry I agreed with your teachings/belief. So I am very happy to invite you to come India and encourage our church pastors and my ministry in India face to face. Please give permission for translate your lessons into our own language Telugu. We will print them in Telugu and distribute among our people. Please pray for our Gods work and Social service. Your blessed coming has to be blessed to all of us, because you are blessed to be blessed. Thank you! Please convey our hearty thanks to your family and friends. You are all always in our daily prayers. Here we are all waiting with prayers for your kind reply. Your brother In His great Service from India

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