World Outreach Evangelistic Church - "Taking It To The Next Level"
Welcome to World Outreach Evangelistic Church Website!                  
Here at World Outreach Evangelistic Church, we are taking the kingdom to the next dimension one level at a time!  We are here in the Augusta, Georgia area to meet the needs of the whole person through various outreach programs. 
We are excited and are positioning ourselves by using our talents and gifts that God has given.  We believe in the importance of developing and nurturing those gifts as we spread the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ throughout the world. 
We believe that the Word of God is the compass for life coupled with prayer and fasting corporately as well as individually. 
Wherever you may be on this journey of faith, at World Outreach Evangelistic Church, you will find a supportive community of believers and vast opportunities to develop the whole person.
We invite you to become a member of our congregation and our website family by investing in His kingdom works.  Become a part of what GOD is doing in the world.
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